kiova project – kosovo {ep/lp release #3}

Artist: kiova project
Catalog #:
ep/lp release #3
Release Date:

A four-track ep:
Shiaman consists of effects and filtered pads. Somewhere in the half way there are some ethnic wind instruments playing strange melodies. The track ends with a heavy highpass-filtered pad and an effect of water hitting a tank. Quite nice a track really – still missing some action.
Ats is a peaceful ambient track. The sweeping filtered pads play a main role in this one with strange background noises.
Kikituk starts with an ooh-pad (you know the preset on many synths) playing misty melodies. At 1:30 the drums fade in. They are just a simple loop but what I like about them are the little changes in tempo at times. Then there is $ an acoustic guitar and a pad just a little out of tune giving a really special spooky feel. I love this one. This really stands out.
Jiik has the same formula: Strings with some effects. This time the effects are a radio noise. The main instrument is something that brought an image to my mind of a wooden box with a string that you pick with your finger. A flute of some kind plays tunes for a couple of minutes. Then there come the usual orchestral strings.

Although this album isn’t very groundbreaking and professional it has plenty of good ideas and it is a nice ambient album.

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01 – Shiaman
02 – Ats
03 – Kikituk
04 – Jiik

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