Distance – Gobblad {mtk002}

Artist: Distance
Title: Gobblad
Label: Monotonik
Catalog #: mtk002
Release Date: 1999/02/27

We continue proceedings on monotonik, mono211’s unconventional idm/techno sublabel, with this mp3 from Distance, our Finnish amigo and master of the understated ambient techno mood. This particular track drifts and phases its way around in a most attractive way, and is released as part of Distance’s project, Lackluster, hence the two names for the author.. so, just chill out, put your feet up and check out this most glacial of grooves. yet again monotonik tends towards the Pete Namlook/FAX stylings h0l admires so much – but watch out for an abrupt change of pace for the next mp3 release, which will be courtesy of Hoffman. But for home listening, nobody beats the biz, and the biz is Distance in da mix 🙂

cover by hotwire

01 – Gobblad

Front Cover

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