Sumergido – Levemente {YKYK007}

Artist: Sumergido
Title: Levemente
Label: Yuki Yaki
Catalog #: YKYK007
Release Date: 2006/09/17

Who doesn’t like the summer?
“Levemente” by Sumergido reminds us of the warm season. The four relaxed electro tracks of the EP range between House and Dub, always light and a little playful.
You just notice that the summer of Buenos Aires never ends.
Apart from Sumergido’s tracks you’ll find remixes by Glander and Scaff.

original coverphoto by bisku

01. Clima [MP3 / OGG]
02. Embalse [MP3 / OGG]
03. Roma [MP3 / OGG]
04. Lisboa [MP3 / OGG]
05. Embalse (Scaff Remix) [MP3 / OGG]
06. Lisboa (Glander Remix) [MP3 / OGG]
07. Roma (Scaff Remix) [MP3 / OGG]

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Whole Release: [ZIP]


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