Pellarin – Dependency 1-6 {YKYK001}

Label: Yuki Yaki
Catalog #: YKYK001
Release Date: 2005/10/12

It always sets a friendly smile on your face if you realise that an artist is capable of more than just repeating himself. Everyone would have expected some more relaxed soundscaping from Danish producer Lars Pellarin but with this EP you will definitely be surprised.
Minimal House is the magic that enchants all five epically extensive tracks. Edgy clicks in fraternizing conjunction with sweeping House chords float on a driving heartthrob of crispy beats – reaching a clubworthy intensity that’s never been sensed in Pellarin’s former works. No sign of discord beclouds the reign of the rhythm!
We recommend you to play it loud and with a decent level of boost in the basses!

original coverphoto by Aaron Logan

01. Dependency 1 Hunger [MP3 / OGG]
02. Dependency 2 Warmth [MP3 / OGG]
03. Dependency 3 untitled [MP3 / OGG]
04. Dependency 5 Cigarette [MP3 / OGG]
05. Dependency 6 Where your food is made [MP3 / OGG]

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