orlingo – oh i’m so sorry {#013}

Artist: orlingo
Title: oh i’m so sorry
Catalog #: #013
Label: Voodoo
Release Date: 1997/09/28

and we are back again and happy to present a new one from orlingo, but it’s totally crazy. fu(c/n)ked up patterns one after one, can you find the beat? it’s boring sunday -the official hangover day- and i don’t quite feel like writing 🙂 these infofiles are getting more and more incomplex day by day, and soon you may notice that there’s only track title seen, blahh.

oh yea! and orlingo’s getting a pc, so watch out, he’s spreading his fuckin channels all ova 🙂 don’t know if the title has something to do with that i mean that he’s now leaving his amiga on 2nd place 😛

also the voodoo homepage URL has changed. the new location can be found at http://union.sci.fi/~kuu/voodoo.html, it doesn’t mean that you couldn’t try the old URL, it exists, allthough the includes have absolutely nothing to do with voodoo 🙂


01. oh i’m so sorry [MOD / AIFF / MP3]

Additional Files:
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Whole Release: [ZIP (AIFF/MOD) / ZIP (MP3/MOD)]


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