kaneel – Here is a heart so you can remember how much I hate you {pj009}

Artist: kaneel
Title: Here is a heart so you can remember how much I hate you
Label: Petite&Jolie
Catalog #: pj009
Release Date: 2010/04/01

It’s been a moment we posted about it and finally, people involved in this project came to a final and beautiful conclusion.

After a year of exporting, months of polishing and weeks of mastering, thanks to Mark Dollin, we finally released kaneel’s new album entilted:
“Here is a heart so you can remember how much I hate you”.

And what would be a better date than the 1st of April to put a finishing touchy touch of sarcasm to kaneel’s most ambiguous message ever.

59 minutes of emotions going from joy to sadness, passing by angst and pure anger and even… humble quietness!

59 minutes to be able to realize how much kaneel care about how you care about how he makes music, how you care about how he’s a carer, a lover, a loner hater with sweet and delicate intentions in his mind like making you feel ambiguous feeling…

how convenient you shall admit.

01 – Ntilted2 [MP3]
02 – Douce endre aine [MP3]
03 – Yoyo de vivre [MP3]
04 – Le chat rose [MP3]
05 – Reve amer [MP3]
06 – Avant de te perdre [MP3]
07 – La petite aiguille [MP3]
08 – Loquace [MP3]
09 – Et si demain [MP3]
10 – Regard anodin [MP3]

Additional Files:
Front Cover [JPG]
Case [PDF]

Whole Release: [ZIP]

Buy From Bandcamp: [Link]


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