V.A. – Christmas V.A. {pj008}

Artist: V.A.
Title: Christmas V.A.
Label: Petite&Jolie
Catalog #: pj008
Release Date: 2009/12/25

We wish you a merry christmas!

Here are presents from all over the world, delicatley crafted, uploaded and delivered to you as to celebrate a moment of joy, happiness and sharing. A moment of calm indeed.
Even, a moment of impatience… the impatience of a kid, waiting for his presents, trying to make a clever guess about the different presents he’ll receive. Remember?

We do.

From both sides of petite&jolie, everybody has been busy under the tree.
Musicians and drawers, both working on nice presents.
No real goals, no concepts.
Only the pleasure of pleasing.

Some musicians decided to share some private unreleased works, others decided to start from scratches a new tune while illustrators worked on cute covers for you to choose.

The results goes beyond expectations as with any new releases on petite&jolie, we finally broaden our spectrum of genres and colours for your pleasure only and we know you like this a lot.

So here come the best moment of the party, where you jump at the tree and finally discover the glowing packages and try to spot your name carefully written on them.

Well, today, obviously, everybody will get a gift from Petite&Jolie even if you’ve been bad during this year.
Let’s say it’s our way to thank you all for enjoying and following us.

A big thank you to all the following people who contributed.

* Ema
* Flashbacker
* Hamayu
* Julian Winter
* kaneel
* Makunouchi bento
* Nimrod & the kaleidoscopical plastic orifice band
* Pam
* Quasimojo
* Relative q
* Valzi
* Windy Hill Mill

01 – Pingu Pinga – Windy Hill Mill
02 – Shannon 3 – Quasimojo
03 – Julian Winter – La luge est cassée
04 – Makunouchi bento – Buon natale dai Millano brothers
05 – Relative q – Solstice bells (contrast reintroduction)
06 – Makunouchi bento – Jazbot nr II
07 – Quasimojo – Flatterin’ The Scotsman
08 – Nimrod and the kaleidoscopical plastic orifice band – The Zwicker tone µ
09 – Pam – Jejeje
10 – Valzi and Blot – Gift Anticipation
11 – Makunouchi bento – Rhybot ipop
12 – kaneel – Backyard bataille
13 – Pam – Un rayo de luz, abro los ojos, y no estas ahí

Cover 1
Cover 2
Cover 3
Cover 4
Cover 5
Cover 6


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