Valzi – I Nvr <3 U {pj007}

Artist: Valzi
Title: I Nvr ❤ U
Label: Petite&Jolie
Catalog #: pj007
Release Date: 2009/08/07

Valzi – I Nvr

Following Julian Winter’s release which received a warm welcome from you, our cute followers, here is a release from Valzi who takes influences from deep in the chip music scene, as Valzi actually comes from the tracking scene, inspiring it with melancholic chords and growing melodies and finally shaping an ambiguous feeling between sorrowness and “joie de vivre,” as we often say in France.

Behind all these clicky beats, taping the time passing by, and these mellow but cute harmonies, there is a real letter of apology, written in notes and surely delivered the cutest way ever, delicately slipped into a pink envelope or even better, inside of its companion cover designed by no one other than Postics, a great illustrator we met at Rouen in October for a very nice exhibition of his work.

ps: We also strongly recommend you check the work of Postics!

01 – Crush At Second Evaluation [MP3]
02 – I Like To Watch You Sleeping [MP3]
03 – Than Anyone Else Has Before [MP3]
04 – I Nvr ❤ U Part 1 [MP3]
05 – I Nvr ❤ U Part 2 [MP3]
06 – Why Won’t You Look At Me [MP3]
07 – I Nvr ❤ U Part 3 [MP3]
08 – Denial [MP3]
09 – Vampiric Delusion [MP3]
10 – How She Coped [MP3]
11 – I Nvr ❤ U (Original Chip Mix) [MP3]

Additional Files:
Front Cover [JPG]
Coverart By Postics [PDF]

Whole Release: [ZIP]


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