plosive – standard deviation 04 {[oneBOX]}

Artist: plosive
Title: standard deviation 04
Label: One
Catalog #: [oneBOX]
Release Date: 2004/07/23

These songs from mid 2003 to early 2004 were compiled for a recent live performance at Standard Deviation. The mix derived from an earlier demo cd with songs from 2003, but newer songs have been added and some updated. These limited (30) wood box sets were given away and sold in Louisville, KY., Chicago, IL., and on the Internet.

The performance and artwork of Adrian Leverkuhn and Lisa Sipe consisted of several large paintings, live action painting (sipe), video, and sound (leverkuhn). The Standard Deviation exhibit and performance was held at the Texas Ballroom, Chicago, IL.

images. paintings by adrian leverkuhn, woodwork by aaron mccammon
designs by niroku

01. sado
02. pavlovian fear
03. informal fireworks
04. dirty button
05. loomer
06. newkittin
07. the night supervisor
08. acorn
09. everythings everything
10. graphing
11. fragments
12. underline (alt)

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