Karl-Johan Nilsson – The Seams {[one029]}

Artist: Karl-Johan Nilsson
Title: The Seams
Label: One
Catalog #: [one029]
Release Date: 2007/04/05

Breaking a six-month silence for us is Karl–Johan Nilsson’s The Seams. A work featuring wide, sweeping strokes from minimal brushes that add up to a thick canvas of sound – electrical static scratches and crawls, rolling waves of rhythm, bass, guitar, synths and ambiance come from all sides. Sounds seemingly trying to escape while a song progresses or takes form.

The Seams’ end results are not entirely focused on the minimalist focus or common click-gut-glitch manners, but rather a sublime and epic manner full of moody curiousities, melody and melodrama built from the intricacies these styles bring and their combinations to a larger scale. Accompanied by hi-res cd artwork and a gallery by Adrian Leverkuhn.

artwork by adrian leverkuhn

01 – Someg [MP3]
02 – Susplended [MP3]
03 – Noielo [MP3]
04 – Clear Mind [MP3]
05 – Mechanical Soul [MP3]
06 – Cloud 8 [MP3]
07 – Cmer [MP3]
08 – Utu [MP3]
09 – Late and Lost [MP3]

Additional Files:
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one029_Karl-Johan_Nilsson_-_The_Seams [TXT]

Whole Release: [ZIP]


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