Datorpunk – What total age? {od073}

Artist: Datorpunk
Title: What total age?
Label: Ogredung
Catalog #: od073
Release Date: 2005/09/03

Erik Svensson’s EBM is amazingly crafted and catchy, structured with samples and minimal noise influences throughout the bass-driven tracks, all conveying into dancey, layered songs that you can easily become addicted to. All of this, together with fast-paced recalls to certain dark atmospheres and rhythms typical of early electro-body music, make “What total age?” a kicking and moving 3-tracker, a work you will play loud to enjoy it full and hard-hitting, sometimes saturated in its density but walking with firm steps in ten body-enticing minutes.

01 – It’s all black and white [MP3]
02 – Shoegazing [MP3]
03 – Home Sweet Home [MP3]

Additional Files:
datorpunk_low [JPG]
datorpunk_high [JPG]
datorpunk [TIF]

Whole Release: [ZIP]


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