Makunouchi Bento – Crisp [Q’s Qrocantmix] {od037}

Artist: Makunouchi Bento
Title: Crisp [Q’s Qrocantmix]
Label: Ogredung
Catalog #: od037
Release Date: 2002/02/04

the romanian chill duo astonishes our baka minds with a ray of crystal loveliness; portray of a reverie landscape, enfolding sunny spots of greenery, and giving the sensation of such a beautiful sound that u can never hear in earth.
crispy butterbeats and yea qrocant mellowness, all overgrowin with azure moss and flowers so sweet, and the senses faint picturing them; while far below water-blooms and melodic winds which wear the sapless foliage of this candid ocean, know the voice, and suddendly grow dusty-yellow with fear, and tremble and despoil themselves: oh, hear! 😎

01 – Crisp [Q’s Qrocantmix]

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