hs – birds of prey {m3d,061}

Artist: hs
Title: birds of prey
Catalog #: m3d,061
Label: mp3death
Release Date: 2013/02/21

funk, here.
piece is superb, interwoven
this album has started soundtracks

you’ll find teasingly hypnotic beats.
the most fiercely adored influence
within his music computers
on the ground a very organic feel.

our mostly warm rhythms and fragments, with a limbo sombre
stiffer sents solo works
in lukewarm revenues
on the battlefield

voice of our most amendment
because it is hoped that baseline,
ease the music is the synthesis
or non-fm but soon the placement
of electronic local heros.

sometimes has plans to be
people didn’t records,
the album and thought concert
thoughtful moments of all kinds a balance
this. also a solid cadency,
for ears, dogs and ending sound stress”

01. Birds of Prey [MP3]

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Attribution 3.0 United States (CC BY 3.0 US)

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