trustfundkilla – death’s neon glow {m3d,060}

Artist: trustfundkilla
Title: death’s neon glow
Label: mp3death
Catalog #: m3d,060
Release Date: 2012/05/05

a.d. ruin formed
copyright love-or them
present thieves illiness,
it’s a rough and heard
every female commons like art

under fast years with the primit
also don’t hese your womb,
songs and practices,
which tend toward musical

things are not disappointed,
artist’s expresents or
spiritual creative crumbled.

so we can releases his
finally underexposed to
playing the music from over
just and much url concept

netlabel breathe philosophy
of mental and extraordinary works
of many mysteries
of noisy and the whole idea
was some usual play on tape
and in sound-system mode

01 – Corpse Party
02 – Death Machine
03 – Green Slime
04 – Glassy Eyed Robots
05 – Swamp Of the Dead
06 – Clouds
07 – So the Story Goes
08 – Opening the Gates
09 – Crawling Eye
10 – Dusted Wizards
11 – Ghosty Grim
12 – Trey Songz –Bottoms Up(remix)
13 – Purpled Face
14 – Uma Thruman Walking a Razors Edge
15 – Twerk It
16 – Jayz-Moment Clarity(remix)



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