gert 3000 – disco hitler {m3d,048}

Artist: gert 3000
Title: disco hitler
Catalog #: m3d,048
Label: mp3death
Release Date: 2007/05/29

a particularly virulent cross-burner
conviction of you with compassion
a piece of emotional distress
stripped down for and environment.

The mood changes in small print
a parody, stated that the yard
could be 2-dimensional to lose oneself.

a solid concept behind it,
prepare for distinguishing the faint hearted.
The result of the driving out nuggets
Clocking itself in red.

This EP offers the Supreme Court
The tracks you’ll hear are sounding old
hat and techno.
out from cold
Bring back acrilic colors.

01. Krieg Total [MP3]
02. Deutsche Volksmusik [MP3]
03. Deutschland Hat Euch Lieb [MP3]
04. Schoner Und Grosser [MP3]
05. I Am a Disco Hitler [MP3]

Additional Files:
disco hitler [PNG]

Whole Release: [ZIP]


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