rabato – chorson dival {m3d,046}

Artist: rabato
Title: chorson dival
Catalog #: m3d,046
Label: mp3death
Release Date: 2006/09/06

we find bliss:

young blood for 2006,
we’re doing well whatever
dance floor and beautiful
way that is experience

emotional layers of happier atmosphere.
interesting the retro-electronica tracks
it�s straight four to the dance-musical
but he never bleak.

showing us the joy of their tiny
hot nights on the present draws
good times as the 80’s is
nostalgia-flash and techno, fascination

the shape and a way to a flat plateau.
the gameboy music is a wilful twisted groove.
but aftermath feelings…
hey are available on archive.org

01. pushups [MP3]
02. chorson dival jr [MP3]
03. simachip [MP3]
04. lektrogirl [MP3]
05. superpila [MP3]
06. gambitero [MP3]
07. ass slap [MP3]

Additional Files:
Chorson Dival [PNG]

Whole Release: [ZIP]


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