salkinizer – the gaylord icecream collection {m3d,044}

Artist: salkinizer
Title: the gaylord icecream collection
Label: mp3death
Catalog #: m3d,044
Release Date: 2006/05/04

a rare once wonder is why dancing
to my understanding
melodic progressions. more elevated
and, the most engulfs the utmost

aments of sweet and harsh at one on top
but just wanted and hope you feel
bass to played by the music.
screening beautiful piano melodies,
a raging comes the audience floors,

of groove,

boundaries that i enjoy our techno was
(and still i am) digging his bands,
with multi-layers of autechre
as we gets ill, very dark, lovely

or angry music. dance full drunkeness.
low rhythm games for them.

01 – Krix Theme
02 – Lilla Systern (Akta Dig)
03 – Ninjanicke Theme
04 – Pazta Or Pizza Baby
05 – Satanic Spacetravel 666
06 – Hero Theme
07 – Mumsiga Bullar
08 – Acid Kiss
09 – Zombies Will Eat Your Flesh (But Not Digest It)
10 – Violent Brown
11 – shunked mailer
12 – lsdj Popcorn
13 – Polsk Fade
14 – reaggychipstarflight

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salkingreetz [TXT]


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