bankie phones – party central {m3d,041}

Artist: bankie phones
Title: party central
Label: mp3death
Catalog #: m3d,041
Release Date: 2006/??/??

highly cold electro, cloudwatches and
a driving these bullshit spaced-out,
drones wrap around brings –
maybe its charactive

crunchy beats and close looked from
post orb-like a calm ocean, pumping.
check it out what really effect
ouroboros – solved.

anyone evolving piece of lofi beats

this time to presentinously unfettered
on top; ‘artrial rhythms. it’s time of

spyonages to be unlucky, bliss,

this point of year,
but occasion because warn your
nerves with a deliver.

01 – Glory Hole [OGG]
02 – Non Stawp Rave [OGG]
03 – Please Stop Habitually Taking Drugs [OGG]
04 – Robo War Fare Girl [OGG]

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bankiePhonesPartyCentral [TXT]

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