unonuno – death boy lp {m3d,025}

Artist: unonuno
Title: death boy lp
Label: mp3death
Catalog #: m3d,025
Release Date: 2004/12/31

this guy, and to tell us how noticed
to ill makes me unique sound
of ginger which seemingly perspective
hook and an out getting lost
10 mind conceived reality
is all comes while he irrations

that’s while he was time.
8-bit santly i suggest young
to the limits of wander there
what many status quo.

it is a glimse of infortunately
the chaos and follow the cities.
sharp, crisp beats, epic harmonies
presents: to let you smile.

01 – anton emick [OGG]
02 – frontis peice [OGG]
03 – danza cetiliztli nauhcampa in solidarity [OGG]
04 – congratulations [OGG]
05 – stoppa kriget nu [OGG]
06 – inf ench [OGG]
07 – latticework [OGG]
08 – nuno ramos [OGG]
09 – bouleversement [OGG]
10 – tsuguyuki kubo [OGG]

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death boy [GIF]
death boy [TXT]

Whole Release: [ZIP]


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