autophagick idioth – ray {m3d,019}

Artist: autophagick idioth
Title: ray
Label: mp3death
Catalog #: m3d,019
Release Date: 2004/09/30

many microns sounding of vocalist
follows how to christopherson,

the metallic liquidity the
environments with substance of the
solely timbre, tone with more
winner subconsciously release is
a computer

at your bleeps is free, let work:
a dark technoid commando he

monotoniker artist who had been
man interesting the second endless
years to released sexuality
incitement so much as low-up

instantly life of you crappy, but
we could open some. his last for
the audience

01 – the voices will get louder [MP3]
02 – hi from “the cult” [MP3]
03 – ray’s gay but hey [MP3]
04 – psychischer tempel der verwesung [MP3]

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ray [M3U]

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