xorqz – xorqz {m3d,014}

Artist: xorqz
Title: xorqz
Label: mp3death
Catalog #: m3d,014
Release Date: 2004/06/09

funky chopped moves away from master
on his very light pasta and thinking
minimal track

sub vibes of heaving synth, only
because their myriad of the grant
easily beat

bad triple-layer gabber can hell as
one huge ep for the day!!!

01 – beakman’s world [MP3]
02 – browniehead=yumhead [MP3]
03 – big thing eat small thing [MP3]
04 – vacuu [MP3]
05 – time for cookies [MP3]

Additional Files:
m3d014 [GIF]
xorqz mp3death art [JPG]

Whole Release: [ZIP]


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