Blandest+Diesel8 – Mono backdrops! {REL#SP}

Artist: Blandest+Diesel8
Title: Mono backdrops!
Label: Mono211
Catalog #: REL#SP
Release Date: 1997/07/20

Special release time, hah. We’ve got 2 cool (no, supacool!) Mono logos which both go very well as Windows backdrops. So we have a wicked black n white thang from Blandest/Acid, featuring all sorts of very nice superimposed subtlty, and an excellent rendered (?) logo from Diesel8 (ex.Razor1911) 🙂

Oki, so what you do to get a lovely Mono backdrop on your PC is as follows:

1. Load the logo into any paint program or Netscape/Internet Explorer.
2. Save it out into your Windows directory as a BMP 🙂
3. Right click on your screen, change your background pattern to all black, and your background wallpaper to the Mono logo. Centred, not tiled, style freaks. 😉

And that would be about it. Stay cool and watch out for more specials soon. 🙂 Those with Amigas can no doubt find something cool to do with the logos too, whee. 🙂


Additional Files:


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