Vim! – Th (Mooncheese Rmx) {REL#95}

Artist: Vim!
Title: Th (Mooncheese Rmx)
Label: Mono211
Catalog #: REL#95
Release Date: 1997/07/25

Well, another excellently original release by Vim!, a remix of one of his own 4-channel tunes (which we may release at some other date), and another scorcher. zoom, zoom, zoomie zoom, the tune zooms. 😉 Damn, it’s such a pity that mr.vim! is not much longer for the tracking scene.. seems a shame to waste such a talent. *sigh*.

01 – Th (Mooncheese Rmx) [XM] [FLAC] [MP3]

Additional Files:
M_1997 [REL] [PNG]

Whole Release: [ZIP (HQ) / ZIP (SQ)]


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