Delay7+Funktio – We Today {REL#132}

Artist: Delay7+Funktio
Title: We Today
Catalog #: REL#132
Label: Mono211
Release Date: 1998/04/27

Yep, there’s been quite a few guest-tracks recently. Why? It’s cos we like to break things up a bit and throw a few surprises and headshocks in there, we guess 🙂 Mono gets maybe 4 or 5 guest-tunes sent to us a week, so naturally, only the absolutely kick-ass stuff gets through. And here’s an example. From members of the rather excellent 3Krew outta deepest darkest Finland, here’s a really, _really_ fucked-up triphop track. Wow, canya hear the screaming? Industrial-strength scariness.

01. We Today [IT / AIFF / MP3]

Additional Files:
file_id [DIZ / PNG]
m_1998 [REL / PNG]
m_tam [NFO / PNG]

Whole Release: [ZIP (AIFF/IT) / ZIP (MP3/IT)]


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