Obscure Monotonik-related releases

Monotonik-related material on Archive.org
I just noticed that there’s a lot of good weird stuff (obscure albums, bootlegs of Monotonik artists, and related releases) hanging out on Archive.org, so I just wanted to point to a few of the interesting releases that people may have forgotten – or, if they are new to netlabels, not even seen:

Various Artists – Suojain 002
[This is the best of the Finnish and international idm scene, with strong ties to M3rck Records and Monotonik – artists like Lackluster, Esem, Ilkae, Mantra, Vae, etc – and a magisterial double album, released for free in 2002.]

Lackluster – Distance & Fin Chip Pimp
[Part of an awesome compiled series of ‘bootlegs’ put out on the file-sharing network Soulseek a few years back, these are simply existing .MOD and obscure releases converted to MP3 and re-arranged in album order, but they’re done really tastefully – and they’re pretty obscure, so if you’re a Lackluster fan, you should check them out!]

Vim! – For Your Noodle
[Just uploaded this from a long-lost CDR, it’s another Soulseek compilation by that ‘unknown’ person, this time compiling some of the best of Vim’s early, freely distributable .MODs into an album-sized compilation. Seminal bleep chiptune stuff.]

Various Artists – Monotonik.rx, x2, x3
[Compiled by the same ‘mysterious’ bootlegger, this does the same, compiling a lot of early Monotonik .MOD releases you might not have heard into MP3 format, and doing a really great job of track selection, up to 2001 or 2002. Awesome.]

Various Artists – Voodoo.rx
[Just dug this one out, and it might be the most obscure of all of the Soulseek releases, compiling a lot of the absolutely first-rate .MOD releases from Substance’s 1997-2002 netlabel Voodoo – http://www.voodoo.scene.org – including tracks from Loke, Substance, and Tweeter (before he was Planet Boelex) – great Finnish idm all round.]

S.T. – Works 2003-2004
[This is the early material done by Stefan Ternemar, who released 4 of these 6 tracks on Mono, and then went on to put out a great album on U.S. indie label Music-Related. Anyhow, this is his early super-crunchy electronic work, and you might not have heard two of the tracks, so go for it.]