Vim vs. Awful Dodgy – Rehash {no_13}

Artist: Vim vs. Awful Dodgy
Title: Rehash
Label: No’Mo’
Catalog #: no_13
Release Date: 2000/03/27

*EXCLUSIVE* – tragic news, my non-magical friends. I have word from the dastardly wretches at no’mo’ that they’ve kidnapped Monotonik’s friendly and docile Vim! and subjected him to Chas ‘n Dave records until he remixes a popular cheesy garage record. The result, regurgitated at me? Vim vs. Awful Dodgy – ‘Rehash’ (1380k). Hear the original ici. Poor old Vim!, eh? No’Mo’ release #13 shows they continue to be harsh taskmasters.. damn them!

01 – Rehash

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