DJ Brisco Schneider – Rinkidinki {no_10}

Artist: DJ Brisco Schneider
Title: Rinkidinki
Catalog #: no_10
Label: No’Mo’
Release Date: 1999/02/07

Oh no. the quiet of my beautiful log house was interrupted by my door being bludgeoned down by two very disagreeable orcs. They handed me a floppy disc which they said was from ‘their friends’ in No’Mo’. And so I’m forced to publish No’Mo’ release #10, ‘Rinkidinki’ (297k), a remix of the classic Nuke/Lemon. amigademo track, “Rink-A-Dink” (original also included in the ZIP.) They may force me to put more No’Mo’ stuff up here soon. I fear for my safety. Please help, dear readers?

01. DJ Brisco Schneider – Rinkidinki (Rmx) [XM / AIFF / MP3]
02. Nuke – Rink-A-Dink [MOD / AIFF / MP3]

Additional Files:
no_10 [NFO / PNG]

Whole Release: [ZIP (AIFF/MOD/XM) / ZIP (MP3/MOD/XM)]


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