Elektroblef – Mono211/Monotonik Showcase {mtwdj01}

Artist: Elektroblef
Title: Mono211/Monotonik Showcase
Catalog #: mtwdj01
Label: Mono211
Release Date: 2000/03/28

The first new mix for Mono211 comes courtesy of Slovenia’s DJ Nova and his Elektroblef radioshow, with an amazing 60-minute realaudio mix cutting up lots of classic and new Mono211/Monotonik tracks, complete with great scratching, samples, and voice-overs on the top, ‘Blech’-style. Wow. Tracklisting as follows:

“Return” – Twilight
“Space Junkie” – Subi
“Streetbeat” – Mortimer Twang
“Wired” – Twilight
“Roots” – TheFoxII
“Chikoboompaww!” – Jazz+Smartass
“Tama’s Kingdom” – Muffler
“808 Overdrive” – Bay Tremore
“Sizable Chunk Of Beats” – Relief+Skizo
“Benedict” – Tek
“Iflai” – Prob.
“Whirlwind Snooker” – Vim
“Icymx” – Prob.

cover by dj nova

01. Mono211/Monotonik Showcase [RAM]

Additional Files:
Front Cover [JPG]

Whole Release: [ZIP]


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