Izmar – Aze {mtw031}

Artist: Izmar
Title: Aze
Catalog #: mtw031
Label: Mono211
Release Date: 2003/03/31

So, we continue with the Mono211 sublabel tradition of releasing ‘good, but unclassifiable’ material that takes both breaks and chillout influences on-board. And this time, we were delighted to get “Aze”, an unexpected submission from the mysterious Izmar, and a whole album of delightfully groovy, beautifully programmed jazzy techno/chillout.

Right from the slow build of “Aze-01”, it’s clear that there’s something different going on here, with possible comparisons to the divine Fila Brazillia and a little of the new-wave UK chill-out of Lemon Jelly or Zero 7. Other highlights include the super-jazzy funk of “Aze-03”, the haunting melodies drifting around “Aze-05”, and the beautiful flute-led groove of the album-closer, “Aze-08”, alongside the wonderful improvised keyboard riffs flecked sumptuously all over the album.

And with another recent Mono211 artist in the same vein getting major-label interest, seems like hazing over with “Aze” is a great alternative to too much bleep in your diet for our ‘breath of fresh air’ sublabel. Better don your headphones and prepare to be enchanted.

[Thanks to Tony @ Kinglux for the excellent EP cover.]

cover by tony@kinglux

01. Aze-01 [MP3]
02. Aze-02 [MP3]
03. Aze-03 [MP3]
04. Aze-04 [MP3]
05. Aze-05 [MP3]
06. Aze-06 [MP3]
07. Aze-07 [MP3]
08. Aze-08 [MP3]

Additional Files:
Front Cover [JPG]

Whole Release: [ZIP]


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