Pendle – Caffeine Low {mtw020}

Artist: Pendle
Title: Caffeine Low
Label: Mono211
Catalog #: mtw020
Release Date: 2001/03/16

We’re very proud to present the first Mono211 release from UK musician Pendle, who’s also known as Idmonster for his more idm-ish, _reallysmart_ forthcoming releases on Monotonik.

But who is this Pendle wallah? Well, having formerly been a member of the excellent dream-pop band, Butterfly Child, who were major-label signed in the early 90s, Pendle then went his own way, working on projects as diverse as working with Laurie Anderson, conducting a German birdsong symphony (?!), and soundtracking Sony Playstation TV adverts. And now he’s gracing Mono with his presence, and we thank him.

In any case, “Caffeine Low” is a Mono211 doozie, a string-filled paean to coffee drinkers everywhere, with shuffling beats and a gorgeous bowed lead, and the end-product sounding a bit like late 90s triphop-meisters Archive (who were, coincidentally, also Playstation advert soundtrackers.) Air violin-ing is permitted, but just this once, got it?

cover by pendle

01 – Caffeine Low

Front Cover


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