DJ Nova – Starshipoetry {mtw019}

Artist: DJ Nova
Title: Starshipoetry
Catalog #: mtw019
Label: Mono211
Release Date: 2001/02/21

A second release for the revitalised Mono211 breakbeat sublabel, and this time, Slovenian musician and DJ Nova, having previously been responsible for a bunch of the DJ mixes we’ve put out (including ‘Oldskoolmonotonikantiks’ and the Elektroblef releases..), hits us with his first original mp3 release on Mono211, the excellent “Starshipoetry”.

Every fule know that essential parts of the perfect tune include messed-up Douglas Adams samples and mixed-up beep noises, leading up to solid-as-rawk breakbeats and cut-up bass-snare action, and so DJ Nova follows this to a tee, providing another indescribable, not quite d+b, almost nu-skool breaks release for Mono211. Just wait for the main break to hit and make that headnod pilgrimage all the way to Lourdes. Or Lords, if you’re a Krikkit-er.

cover by rents

01. Starshipoetry [MP3]

Additional Files:
Front Cover [JPG]

Whole Release: [ZIP]


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