Micro.Spy – Flimflam {mtw014}

Artist: Micro.Spy
Title: Flimflam
Label: Mono211
Catalog #: mtw014
Release Date: 1999/10/24

Arizona’s majestic Micro.Spy collective, including Tek, who produced one of the classic early m211 mp3 tracks in “Benedict”, come right back at us with “Flimflam”, and boy, does this one kick up a storm? Tek also has a forthcoming DJ set which’ll be posted up on the m211 website, and as a set of influences (BT, Underworld, plenty of US breaks), it pretty much maps out the style that these guys have down sososo well.

Oh, there’s a swearword hidden in the track somewhere, but don’t let it bother you. ūüôā Just listen to the wicked breakbeat style – this is the kind of release mono211 would like to think would characterise its style, going forward – that and the natty Squarepusher-ish jazz-jam, which you’ll see a lot of in forthcoming releases.. cool!

cover by hotwire

01 – Flimflam

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