Disciples Of Ageema – All Times By Music {mtw008}

Artist: Disciples Of Ageema
Title: All Times By Music
Label: Mono211
Catalog #: mtw008
Release Date: 1999/06/02

The first release from a mp3-exclusive m211, and Mortimer Twang, in his Disciples Of Ageema guise, gives us an astounding piece of dense, rhythmical samba funk. It rocks, it rolls, and its intricacies go round and round in your head long after it’s looped, and the drums echo back from the tribal wastelands of Twang’s soul.

Exclusively reworked (and remastered from scratch) from an Ageema Blues mod release onto mp3 for m211, the practically South American moods and dense live rhythms bely the fact this has come out of deepest Sweden – Mr. Tee, long the lo-fi realist, shows he can do the mp3 thing with equal poise. It’s a must-download..

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01 – All Times By Music

Front Cover


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