DJ Nova/Elektroblef – Oldskoolmonotonikantiks {mtkdj07}

Artist: DJ Nova/Elektroblef
Title: Oldskoolmonotonikantiks
Label: Monotonik
Catalog #: mtkdj07
Release Date: 2000/07/03

A little more of the mixed-up-ness for your tired brain, and perhaps the best mix Monotonik’s released so far, Slovenia’s DJ Nova presents us with a mix of classic older Monotonik tracks from Lackluster/Distance, Prob, Jiva, and others..

In the style of his previous mix for Mono211, but much more laidback, “Oldskoolmonotonikantiks” uses soundscapes, cut-ups, and ethereal voice-overs to really mix things up intelligently, and the selection of tracks is pin-point sharp. In conclusion – this is your brain [&]. This is your brain on Monotonik [!!&!!]. See what we mean?


1. Distance (aka Lackluster) – “Grind”
2. Dharma – “Otsuki”
3. Distance – “Only”
4. Distance – “Tourists”
5. Dune – “7”
6. Jazz+Fndr – “Antigotchi”
7. Mellow-d (aka md) – “b”
8. Distance – “Thor’s Magic Bathtub”
9. Prob – “Chinwokh”
10. Prob – “Naks Raks”
11. Distance – “Mabo”
12. Prob – “Skyline”
13. Jiva – “Unicorn”

[NB – A number of these Distance/Lackluster tracks, previously released on Monotonik, are available in souped-up LP/CD form via Focus/DeFocus, please consider supporting Monotonik artists and buying them.. check out the Lackluster discography for more information/online stockists..]

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01 – Oldskoolmonotonikantiks

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