Lackluster – CDR#2 {mtkcdr001}

Artist: Lackluster
Title: CDR#2
Catalog #: mtkcdr001
Label: Monotonik
Release Date: 1999/06/29

The first ever CD release on Monotonik, and it’s a limited-edition CDR from Lackluster, aka Distance, the Finnish ambient/idm maverick and proud Monotonik artist. This disc is limited to 100 individually numbered copies, and is unlikely to be repressed or reissued, so.. you’ve been warned. ūüėČ

The CD itself offers 12 tracks of gorgeous idm goodness, some previously released online, but now all gathered together on CD for the first time, and with a number of exclusive tracks.

01 – Starcell U.K.
02 – Ulcer Stalk
03 – OTK: Eklan (Lackluster Mix)
04 – 0Today8
05 – 0Tilde5
06 – Pie
07 – Me Me Me Me Me Me
08 – Teramut
09 – Bothersome (Mother Mix)
10 – Cull Streak
11 – 20333
12 – Untitled Bonustrack

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