Clark Vent – Scene Sexshun {mtk216}

Artist: Clark Vent
Title: Scene Sexshun
Catalog #: mtk216
Label: Monotonik
Release Date: 2009/12/06

Finnish musician Olavi Inha has previously released on Monotonik with two memorable releases under his Flutterspot alias. But he returns here with another pseudonym, Clark Vent, and with it brings a charming full album of bleepy, semi-abstract uptempo electronic deliciousness in the form of ‘Scene Sexshun’.

Sure, ‘Pardon Me, Clark Kent’ is a sensible start, all up and down and around the houses, but the amusingly named ‘Hello A Lot And Yes Disco’ is a much better statement of intent, crazy spiralling sine waves and almost random-sounding bleep goodness stamped all over the place.

Other highlights include ‘Mimosa’, with an almost Beak-like guitar deconstruction at play, and ‘Fake Marriage Interlude’, which almost sounds like a lost Mario level end theme. It’s that all of the place, and it’s that gorgeous, folks. Enjoy.

01. Pardon Me, Clark Kent [MP3]
02. Hello A Lot And Yes Disco [MP3]
03. Village Loco [MP3]
04. Hobo [MP3]
05. Mask [MP3]
06. Mimosa [MP3]
07. Fake Marriage Interlude [MP3]
08. And Something Else Again [MP3]
09. This Common Flower From The Street Is For You [MP3]
10. Satenka Reprise [MP3]
11. Sunday In Casuals Except This Sunday [MP3]
12. Little Antey [MP3]
13. Serious Lovin’ [MP3]
14. Childhood And Maybe Tomorrow And Some Other Happy Times [MP3]
15. Some Part Of A Plane Crash [MP3]

Additional Files:
Front Cover [JPG]

Whole Release: [ZIP]


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