General Fuzz – Soulful Filling {mtk212}

Artist: General Fuzz
Title: Soulful Filling
Catalog #: mtk212
Label: Monotonik
Release Date: 2009/06/14

As we edge into summer, we’re proud to give further exposure to a gorgeous album submitted to Monotonik late last year from James Kirsch, aka General Fuzz, and the truly spectacular chill-out electronic that is ‘Soulful Filling’.

Having grown up in Newton, MA, General Fuzz is happy to make his home in the San Francisco Bay Area, and he recruited a number of talented local live musicians to fill out the electronic sounds on this charming full-length album. (In fact, his website has a detailed ‘making-of’ page with info on all the collaborators.)

Highlights? Well, pedal steel has been a key part of the best chillout for many years now, and ‘Warm Steel’ is a great example of that in action, while lead-off track ‘Eye Heart Knot’ has a tremendously evocative, interlocking set of melodies around it.

We’re proud that the General has let us put this album out on Monotonik – donate to him to help support his art if you dig it, won’t you?

pic by general fuzz

01. Eye Heart Knot [MP3]
02. Four Prophets [MP3]
03. Comfort Zone [MP3]
04. Mellow Drama [MP3]
05. Warm Steel [MP3]
06. Go Inward [MP3]
07. Starry [MP3]
08. Second Thoughts [MP3]
09. Walking Home [MP3]
10. Fuzzy Prayer [MP3]
11. Goodbyes [MP3]

Additional Files:
Cover Art [JPG]

Whole Release: [ZIP]


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