Project 5am – Quixotes Of Moons Fight The Windmills Of Brixton {mtk205}

Artist: Project 5am
Title: Quixotes Of Moons Fight The Windmills Of Brixton
Label: Monotonik
Catalog #: mtk205
Release Date: 2008/08/24

This time round, a Monotonik debut for Project 5am, aka Jason Haye, with the distinctly trippy ‘Quixotes Of Moons Fight The Windmills Of Brixton’. Verging into deep house, electronic, and chillout, the fulllength album is a delightful mix of trancelike and straightforward.

Starting out, we’ve got ‘Angelou’, all thudding guitars and phasing synths, before we move into ‘Polar Stratospheric Clouds’, chunked up sounds to the fore. Some of the other highlights include the swooshing, almost soundtrack-ish ‘Crepuscular’, and the echoing ‘Ochanimizu’.

Overall, a delightful start, we fear – and something that will echo in our dreams for a good few months to come. Congratulations, Sir.

pic by 5am

01 – Angelou [MP3]
02 – Polar Stratospheric Clouds [MP3]
03 – As The Ears Weep, The Eyes Hear [MP3]
04 – The Stars Are Beautiful [MP3]
05 – Crepuscular [MP3]
06 – Wet Ashtray [MP3]
07 – Quixotes Of Moons Fight The Windmills Of Brixton [MP3]
08 – Ochanomizu [MP3]
09 – Some Kinda Wonderful [MP3]
10 – Mirror [MP3]

Additional Files:
Front Cover [JPG]

Whole Release: [ZIP]


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