Jet Jagur – Biddy Bids {mtk198}

Artist: Jet Jagur
Title: Biddy Bids
Label: Monotonik
Catalog #: mtk198
Release Date: 2008/02/24

So, a long-awaited Monotonik solo debut from New Zealand’s Michael Upton, aka Jet Jaguar, with the beautifully minimal, almost dub-infused electronica of his ‘Biddy Bids’ EP.

Having previously released physical CDs on Involve Records and Capital Recordings, as well as being one half of recent Monotonik releasers Malty Media – alongside Aquaboogie – Upton seems to revel in oddly clipped, funky stylings.

For example, lead track ‘Red’ is all echo-drums and spotty, static-flecked skank, while another standout, ‘Enjoy Mask Aesthetic’, is burbling synth backgrounds topped by a roving bassline of some repute. It all ends with ‘Kent’s Windchime Recording’, which seems to mix ambient samples with pulsing, almost heartlike beats. Different is good!

pic by h0l

01 – Red
02 – Basashi Aisu
03 – Enjoy Mask Aesthetic
04 – Disasters In Reverse
05 – Kent’s Windchime Recording

Front Cover


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