Ernesto Aeroflot – Strogloy – Everything Within {mtk160}

Artist: Ernesto Aeroflot
Title: Strogloy – Everything Within
Catalog #: mtk160
Label: Monotonik
Release Date: 2006/02/04

We’re delighted to welcome a return for Finnish artist Teemu Kiiskilä, aka Ernesto Aeroflot, whose ‘Oll Tolk’n’ no Ding Atcheev’d’ album we released back in 2002, and who is a veteran of other netlabel releases on Commie and Kikapu under multiple aliases. This time round, he’s back with an entire album of wonderfully diverse electronics, ‘Strogloy – Everything Within’, which we’re very pleased to be putting out on Monotonik.

One of the keys to Ernesto Aeroflot’s charms, at least in our eyes, is that his music is distinctly off-kilter – it’s certainly not smooth Warp-like idm or mathematical Detroit techno, but rather carefully mis-shapen and gorgeous all the same. The lead-off track, ‘Odour Is Poison’, comes with a mighty drum rush and scifi movie clinking, before ‘Nick Drake’ segues into spooky, uneasy grooves and the rest of the strange album unfolds. Some of the other highlights include the squelching groove of ‘Shaky Hands’, the actually terrifying catgut yelps of ‘Scream While You’re At It’, and the dark, inspired clanks of the final track, ‘Home – The Solution’.

Thanks again to Ernesto for sharing this album with us, and if you like it, you can go to his own website, give him feedback, and email him to get a full high-quality CD copy of the album, with an exclusive bonus track, ‘Da Mansion fo’ Man’. So there.

cover by ernesto aeroflot

01. The Scent Of God [MP3]
02. Odour Is Poison [MP3]
03. Nick Drake [MP3]
04. Home – Never There [MP3]
05. Shaky Hands [MP3]
06. Scream While You’re At It [MP3]
07. Helevetti [MP3]
08. Slo’Mo’ [MP3]
09. Not [MP3]
10. Home – The Solution [MP3]

Additional Files:
Front Cover [JPG]
Back Cover [JPG]

Whole Release: [ZIP]


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