Psilodump – Jag Och Psilodump {mtk155}

Artist: Psilodump
Title: Jag Och Psilodump
Catalog #: mtk155
Label: Monotonik
Release Date: 2005/11/03

Straight from the mind of Swedish hellraiser Psilodump, who’s released on super-smart labels such as 8bitpeoples and Micromusic, as well as being part of the rather smart X-Dump collective, ‘Jag Och Psilodump’ is a spectacularly eclectic 6-track EP which bounces all over the map, showcasing Psilodump’s distinctly weird, distinctly different stylings.

Things start with ‘Winds (Snabber Mix)’, which is all hyper-fast drums and oddly burlesque melodies, before ‘Omtanke7’ cuts in, again with oddly indescribable, almost demo-scene styled melodies, before the almost junglist ‘Jag Hatar Psilodump’ hangs around, all vicious. It only gets better from there on out, ending in a military deconstruction of ‘Winds’ by fellow X-Dump colleague and former Monotonik releaser Dorothy’s Magic Bag. Mommy, we’re scared…

pic by psilodump

01. Winds (Snabber Mix) [MP3]
02. Omtanke7 [MP3]
03. Jag Hatar Psilodump [MP3]
04. War Of The Winds 476 [MP3]
05. Extrication [MP3]
06. Winds (Dorothy’s Magic Bag Remix) [MP3]

Additional Files:
Front Cover [JPG]

Whole Release: [ZIP]

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