Bliss – Life On The Rooftop {mtk108}

Artist: Bliss
Title: Life On The Rooftop
Label: Monotonik
Catalog #: mtk108
Release Date: 2003/04/26

Another new artist that turned heads immediately at Monotonik HQ, the Swedish-based Henrik ‘Bliss’ Jose, has been releasing tracks on net.label Fairlight Music for a while now, and when he came to us with this lushly produced, vocal-dotted electronic track, originally composed back in 2001, we snapped it up.

“Life On The Rooftop” starts out with some carefully placed organ, and segues into a full vocalmanipulated, densely produced track reminiscent of some of the earlier Super Science or Idmonster vocal experiments on Monotonik, and somehow cleaner and more glorious in its own right. In a search for electronica that sounds noticably different and strays from the same old norms, Bliss definitely comes up trumps.

[Thanks to Tony @ Kinglux for the excellent cover-art.]

cover by tony@kinglux

01 – Life On The Rooftop

Front Cover


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