Esem – Thinmute {mtk092}

Artist: Esem
Title: Thinmute
Label: Monotonik
Catalog #: mtk092
Release Date: 2002/10/17

We’re pleased to finally get around to a release from Bulgaria’s Esem, who’s been slowly orbiting the whole net.label scene for a long time (he’s known in pre-mp3 days as Stereoman/Noise), and recently broke through with an excellent 12″, ‘Ikae’, on DeFocus, and a debut album for the same label, ‘Enveloped’.

Now, with a forthcoming album for Merck, ‘Serial Human’, and an appearance on the Machine Drum remix CD on Merck (gotta catch ’em all! oh, we did!), George (Esem) is continuing to develop his beautifully chilled idm sound, and we’re proud to present this exclusive track, from him, “Thinmute”.

So, “Thinmute” starts out all peachy keen and pure, and swiftly kicks in with the wonderfully shuffling, lo-fi percussion, with punctuations from an echo-filled trumpet, whilst the layers build and build and peak subtly, and.. oh my. It’s the most delicate of delicate of tracks, and its fragility spurs our virility towards it, perversely. Highly recommended.

watchcam photo by h0l

01 – Thinmute

Front Cover


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