Mosaik – Rubik {mtk066}

Artist: Mosaik
Title: Rubik
Label: Monotonik
Catalog #: mtk066
Release Date: 2001/12/06

Having previously released for Monotonik under his famed demo-scene pseudonym, Radix, we’re delighted to present a new track by this Swedish under his new pseudo, Mosaik. And with the idm ‘scene’ getting plenty of input from ex-demo-sceners (BStates@Warp, Lackluster/TimKoch/Esem@DeFocus, you know the score), here’s another talented scene-ster who should really be getting lotsa attention about.. now.

Mosaik’s demo-scene work was renowned for its lush, synthesised, melodic nature, and “Rubik” is no exception, with ultra-ultra-smooth production and gorgeously dense synth lines intertwining to produce a beautifully sparkling, pure drumsynthbass idm.melange.

So, there’s the world of glitch up the wazoo, and then.. there’s this one. Keanu may have been right to choose the red pill and have everything go glitchmungous, but we choose the blue if it means lying in the sun above the rabbit-hole, and looking up at the gorgeous, gorgeous, fake sky.

cover by dj.nova

01 – Rubik

Front Cover


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