Idmonster – My Human Side {mtk059}

Artist: Idmonster
Title: My Human Side
Catalog #: mtk059
Label: Monotonik
Release Date: 2001/07/29

The second mtk.release (third release over both mtk and m211!) for UK-based Pendle, aka Idmonster, and his output seems to just keep getting better. After his previous Idmonster track we put out, ‘The Force May Be With You’, attracted attention from the verycool Neo-Ouija (Lee Metamatics/Norken’s label!), we’re pleased to note that track’ll be on the “Cottage Industries 2” compilation with Funckarma, Novel23, EU and more, wheeee.

Anyhow, “My Human Side” is Idmonster’s new track for us, and it’s another dense, lush, humansided piece of electronic listening music, with a curiously pulsing bassdrum leading into all manner of gorgeously fluctuating accompaniment, and finally to a sorta indecipherably vocoded lead-line whichrocks the track like Mr.Roboto stuck in a clockwork toy factory making lush stuffed fluffy clouds for  hanging out in limbo with flying monkey sheep. Or are we just stating the obvious?

cover by rents – ROCKS 🙂

01. My Human Side [MP3]

Additional Files:
Front Cover [JPG]

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