Sushi Brother – Let’s Cruise {mtk058}

Artist: Sushi Brother
Title: Let’s Cruise
Label: Monotonik
Catalog #: mtk058
Release Date: 2001/07/19

A return release from Sweden’s excellent Sushi Brother, another ex-demo-scener who’s really kicking things with an unique elektronik style, this one even more indescribable and intriguing than a chocolate potato (or a deep-fried Mars Bar).

Sushi Brother has his excellent ‘Shadowfighter’ former mtk.release out on 7″ about now, courtesy of Bop Records, btw – it also includes the Frank and Bill remix we also released, and with Bill (Yard) apparently featuring on the new Brothomstates EP on Warp, it couldn’t be a better point to release it.

But Meester Sushi is the _real_ star this time out, and “Let’s Cruise” is sorta extrasupamutated electronic scr0nk, with an almost P-Funk groove and stab chords over lots of sliiiiding bass and syncopated percussion effects. So, it’s a little bit like the Star Wars Cantina Band meeting Bootsy Collins at a LAN party, right? Riiiight.

cover by sushi’s supertalented friend

01 – Let’s Cruise

Front Cover


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