Vim! – 8-Bitten, Break Smitten {mtk054}

Artist: Vim!
Title: 8-Bitten, Break Smitten
Label: Monotonik
Catalog #: mtk054
Release Date: 2001/05/28

The return of the spaced cowboy comes in the form of this newly minted Vim! track, with the UK artist fresh from his new Surgery album, “Linden – The Home Of The Hits”. And actually, this great track isn’t on that CD, since it’s a special, exclusive tribute to all those classic old .MOD instruments and instrumentals everyone used to adore, with a newskool spin on it – hence the name of the track.

So, if you’re digging the whole dumb drumbreak breaking things up a bit, plus the funked-up piano and bass weirdness making it all into a sorta neo-Squarepusher goes 1989 Soundtracker evolution, you’ll probably dig this track. Put it this way, nobody else is making music like this – they wouldn’t dare.

[Oh, for tracks which are on Vim!’s Surgery CD, try the excellent and earlier ‘Timecrunch EP’, and for tracklisting and future CD distribution info, try our artist news page..]

cover by rents

01 – 8-Bitten, Break Smitten

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