Pretty Boy Crossover – Autumn Week {mtk052}

Artist: Pretty Boy Crossover
Title: Autumn Week
Label: Monotonik
Catalog #: mtk052
Release Date: 2001/04/26

Us here @ Monotonik are delighted to release a second mp3 from Australian duo, Pretty Boy Crossover, aka PBXO. Their album, “The Building And Formation”, formerly to be released on Skam before indecision set in down Manchester-way, is due for release any day now on Surgery Records, the Australian label we’ve been forging close ties with of late. And with PBXO supporting Arab Strap on their recent Melbourne appearance, the force is strong with these Australian wunderkind, no?

So, “Autumn Week” is a mellow as yellow, hi-hat-toting float through the lands of the etherea, with beautifully phrased synths dropping in and out, plus the quiet babble of voices eternal. Thus, not only is this beautiful, it’s fragile – and fragility leads to tranquility in PBXO’s unique universe.

cover by rents

01 – Autumn Week

Front Cover


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