Bearded Vault System – Selling Puppies From A Tray {mtk009}

Artist: Bearded Vault System
Title: Selling Puppies From A Tray
Label: Monotonik
Catalog #: mtk009
Release Date: 1999/09/08

This release comes from Bearded Vault System, and that’s not a facial-hair-related security device, rather the pseudonymous Bauri of Saundart Recordings, purveyor of enchanting and sometimes wild electronic noises. This particular track is beguiling, almost fluid techno, with spiky melodies drifting in and out of focus, but plenty of blessed minimalism too. Highly recommended.

Check the Saundart website at: for all kinds of nice info, CDRs to buy, and discographies – Bauri has a forthcoming 12-inch on Pitchcadet Records, who are also putting out stuff by Jake Mandell, Max Tundra, and even Funkstorung, so we’re very happy indeed to feature one of his tracks on Monotonik.

cover by hotwire

01 – Selling Puppies From A Tray

Front Cover


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