DJ Ninjamachine – Velocirapture {mrv010}

Artist: DJ Ninjamachine
Title: Velocirapture
Label: monoRAVEik
Catalog #: mrv010
Release Date: 2003/01/23

He’s done it again. He’s found some vocals no-ones sampled yet (as far as he knows). He’s sped them up and pitched them to infinity. He’s laid a break over a kickdrum and he’s put a synth stab on every half beat. He’s also come up with one of the worst dinosaur-related puns ever. Yea, verily DJ Ninjamachine has entered the building, bringing with him yet more of the good mindless happy stuff.

And in time our history
Will know us as shooting stars
I ask for nothing more
Than a place to lie down next to you

Your worst nightmares involving Italian piano house and heavy machinery have come true.

cover by subi

01 – Velocirapture

Front Cover


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